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What is MSS?

Manchester School of Samba (MSS) (click here for office contact details)., a fine, friendly bunch of people and the first Samba School in the NW of England, which formed in March 1995 to foster the appreciation of Brazilian Carnival culture through rhythm, melody, dance, puppetry and simple costumes.
MSS have provided an often life enhancing introduction to percussion and dance for hundreds of people as well as an opportunity for some to make new friends, build on their knowledge and strengths, be inspired and subsequently make it part of their life. We currently have 50+ fully fledged members including dancers and drummers, and for special occasions also like to recruit a brass section and puppeteers. We focus on Brazilian Carnival Art forms, and teach rhythms & dances from different parts of Brazil at all levels from beginners to advanced and are open to all people.

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Hire Us!

With over two decades experience in providing affordable crowd stopping shows, inspirational workshops and courses for schools and colleges, as well as motivational team building for a range of corporate clients if you are organising a function or event or perhaps want your workforce to enjoy an activity as a team, we are sure MSS can help to provide that magical moment! For more information scroll down for videos or click here...

Can I Play?

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Come along and find out!

Hello and a warm welcome to anyone who has just encountered MSS! We look primarily for those who wish to become our new players and dancers and perform at forthcoming events (such as Manchester Day - on Holiday or outside the brand new Aviva Studios for MIF), but there are some who attend our main rehearsal regularly just for the fun of it! We hope you come along on a Wednesday, like what you see, and consider joining us, when circumstances allow!

We always need new people especially now in the run up to the carnival season, but now we're back rehearsing our pieces which include new or updated versions of rhythms like Afoxe, Samba, Samba-Reggae and Congada, as well as original new numbers. We're now returning to some of these, revising and extending our repertoire, focusing on the groove, and further enhancing the sound of each rhythm. Once we have consolidated these we will look at further traditions, as always, using dance and percussion, until we have all the main ones covered once again, but the freedom to mix it up a bit!

If you think this could include you, your next chance this year will be Wednesdays 24th July 2024 [each session costs 5 pounds]

So that everyone can feel safe at rehearsal, we ask that everyone be vaccinated (unless medically exempt) prior to arrival, and to take precautions prior to, as well as whilst using the space (hand sanitiser is available or you can bring your own?)!

We are open to participants of all levels of ability and you can join at any time, throughout the year (click on Contact and drop me an email, or keep an eye on here, for news about our classes now we have we restarted in person sessions ).

We provide all necessary percussion and a dance space, to any potential enthusiast over the age of 16 (children can join in under the supervision of their parent or guardian).

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I Wanna Dance!

If you just fancy an exciting way to work out or want to become one of our dancers and perform as part of MSS, then by all means come along!

The dance class is part of one and the same class in our rehearsal space, in Sacred Trinity Church , helping to make sense of the rhythms the drummers play, and an integral part of each and every Wednesday night rehearsal.

But Danny (at the front in the picture below) will soon have you up to speed, now that classes resume! We can show dance moves to any potential enthusiast over the age of 16 (children can join in under the supervision of their parent or guardian).

We always need new people in the carnival season, and again normally Danny runs a continuous training program to show you the moves from each regional Carnival tradition matching each rhythm. If you want to join us, your next chance this year will be Wednesdays 24th July 2024 [each session costs 5 pounds]

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Can I Watch?

Manchester School of Samba as part of The Storming by Humberto Velez

Storming_vimeo from true story digital on Vimeo.

For Tony's musings on various aspects of Brazilian and Mancunian culture take a regular look at his

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Playing outside Cosmo Restaurant for their official opening event!

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Previous Years

This is us in 2013.

Sunday 10th June 2012

At 3:46 mins

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Sunday 26th June 2011 (see below for more videos)

Manchester School of Samba is Anthony Watt trading as "Manchester School of Samba" or MSS